About the Artist 

Kevin C Mason , Sydney NSW

Usually Kevin C. Mason is your typical family guy GEEK.   He works for a computer company fixing computers and teaching software. He spends the odd weekend running around in armour. He goes for Sunday bushwalks with his family.  He Loves his kitty. PurrrrSnikity aka #Kittyninja

But Kevin has a SUPER POWER . . . .

  He can get people naked and change their colour!

Kevin was born and raised in Sacramento, California.  As a fourth generation artist, he was destined to paint but he did not have the attention span for the photo realism of his predecessors.

So he found a canvas that would talk to him!   

Kevin has been creating Fine Art Body Integration prints for over 15 years now.  

 He thinks of it as the Ultimate MIXED MEDIA.  He paints backdrops in acrylic and uses sponge and brush techniques with theatrical make-up on his models.  The art is a true team effort, blending the creative expressions of the Artist, the Model and the Photographer.   

 In 2005 Kevin fell in love, and promised to follow his soul mate (AKA “Imp”) to the ends of the earth.  


25 February 2010 the Mason family arrived in Sydney, Australia for a brand new life adventure.  Kevin felt right at home in the multi-cultural and alternative communities of Sydney’s Inner West.   As soon as the transcontinental dust settled he sunk his roots into Dulwich Hill where, thanks to Imp, his residence has its own studio.

 Kevin’s other artistic explorations include Japanese Ink Brush and Watercolour illustrations as well as an online comic book “Steampunk Adventures”  http://steampunkadventures.smackjeeves.com/ and a yet to be recorded radio adventure for podcasting, based on his Shadowrun RPG days. 

I am also working on plans to start bodypainting in Bondi

 Kevin's fine art works are printed on canvas, hand numbered and signed. No more than 20 are ever sold. This ensures the authenticity of his work and keeps him creating new and fresh designs.  

 Kevin is always seeking out professional photographers and ADULT models for cooperative projects.  Kevin is also available for custom portfolios, private (Adults only) parties and promotional events.