How sexy is Body painting for the body painter ?

Most people at some point will ask me if body painting is the sexiest job out there. Truth be told not really! Yep I said it, Not as sexy as it sounds!

Yes, I get to see beautiful people get naked. Not only is that where the sexy part stops, but that wore off a very long time ago. Any professional body painter will tell you, the part where we get excited because someone is taking off their clothes becomes non-existent after your first 15 or so paintings. After that you start to realise, this is hard work. You don't have time to flirt because you have a deadline. That and you have to focus because the model is moving AGAIN!!

I find that most of the time I get into that "Zone" that artists get when they are their most creative. We just don't have time to appreciate the model for being sexy.

Just tonight I walked into a pub where they are famous for their wait staff wearing almost nothing. Tonight they were wearing only enough to be legal in the local area and body paint. I became aware that I had been halfway through my beer before I realised that I was the only person in the room who could identify what brand was being used on the model and that I was not looking at the models like they were on the menu. The body painting  painting of t shirts and other articles of clothing looked very accurate and a few of them even had stitching and shadows painted. Overall the work was really good. AND.........Its moments like this you realise you are a body painter. So really … not so sexy