The Bodypainting Manifesto

Art IS!

Art is more than a product, a performance or a process.

Art is a continually evolving expression of BEING.

As Bodypainters we are given a sacred trust.  We are given the gift of empowering our models to  BE the ART

In caring for that gift, we make the following covenants:

  • Our canvas has a pulse and breath!  We never forget that we are the Model’s Artists, rather than they our canvas.

  • The process and the model’s experience is the Art.  The final product is its token of remembrance.

  • We will always be aware of, and grateful for ,the gift that our model is granting us.

  • Our model may at times be nude.  They will NEVER be naked.

  • We will chastise, and loudly eject from live venues, anyone who disrespects our model.

  • Our Art is an instrument of empowerment, we never objectify our model.

  • Our Art is created with respect for the unique beauty of every model.

  • Respect and the illusion of cover empower even shy models to acknowledge and express their unique beauty.

  • We strive to be true to the naked eye.  We allow delight to occur during live performances and minimise post production.

  • Our models are chosen not by commercially driven ideals of appearance, but by what they have to offer to the project.

  • Our models are an integral part of the creative process and are encouraged to share ideas and talents.

  • Whenever possible we utilise the beauty of movement, colour and light that are inherent in the human from.

  • We strive to delight the whimsical and disgust the prudish (usually in the same painting).

  • We do not create art that gathers dust in the homes of the stodgy, but interacts with the viewer.

  • We are committed to grow and improve as artists in all forms of expression, not just bodypainting.

Download a copy of the Manifesto here!