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I am a Geek with a paint brush. 

Most of the time I do not paint clothing on people. Not that I can't do it but that I'm always working on other projects and such. Every now and then I come up with an idea to body paint clothing on someone. Now being that I am very much a geek, Star Wars came to mind no to long ago. I was able to schedule some time to do some painting. 

The idea was to mimic the armor of Boba Fett. And the Metal panels of R2-D2. Boba Fett was a snap. Very quick and easy to do. However, R2-D2 was more of a challenge because the white paint that I was using was not giving me an even coat. After painting a few layers it did finally start to play nice. The Backdrop is actually a painting I did earlier that still hangs up in my studio 

Once again I want to thank my models for being so awesome. In both cases, the girls have the most awesome personality. 

Star wars Body painting by Kevin C Mason

Boba Fett Body painting