Painting on the Beach 

Now and then I like a good artistic challenge, and lucky for me Imp is up to be my canvas. The idea this time was to do a body painting blending the model into the background. Why not Bondi beach? 

So the first thing to realize when you are painting in a location like this is that people want to give you money. This does not sound like a bad thing till you realize that the local council will fine you heavily for busking in the area.  Knowing this we made sure that we did not have anything that looked like a hat or a bowl to accept donations. And people still tried to give me money. I made sure that we did not accept anything during this shoot.

What was fun about this painting was that the background was always moving. The idea was to make sure that Imp stayed very still during the painting. We were lucky to have some railing for her to hold on to. Holding any position for an hour can be very taxing on the body. The other thing to consider when doing a painting like this is that you have to paint it from the perspective of where the camera is going to be. Not from the position of the painter. Being that the camera was going to be about two meters behind me I had to make sure that the crowd that was starting to form did not block the area where I was going to take the final picture. 

I have to admit that I am very happy with the end result. 

Bondi Beach body painting
Bondi Beach art By Kevin C Mason

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