Something that I have been working on for years is photography. When I first started I was just a painter and photographers would always complain that my photography sucked and it did. However, the problem with having a photographer work for me had two major problems. The first is that I often do not have the money to pay them. The second and most important is that I have encountered many photographers (Tasia I am not talking about you) Who make the models nervous. I spend a lot of time trying to get the models to trust me and there is nothing worse than to have a photographer drop in and in 30 seconds destroy the vibe of trust that I have been building for weeks. I guess it can be said that I work well with photographers but I am very picky about who my models have to deal with. 

Then there is the whole artistic communication. Sometimes I have something in my head and I just can't put it into words. So I just have to do it myself 

So last year my lovely wife got me a really awesome camera for my birthday. I just Love it. So I have been spending the last few months working on ways to improve my artistic prowess by really focusing on my photography skills. 

Photorgraphy by Kevin C Mason

  • Bodypainting-Stars--4-of-26.jpg
  • DSC01284.jpg
  • Imp-In-flight--Bodypainting.jpg
  • Mounntiansprint-5-of-26.jpg
  • Poseidon-Bodypainting.jpg
  • Posiden--Bodypainting.jpg
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