We have a new Studio 

I bet you wondered what was going on with me? Truth be told we were in a house that was not conducive to bodypainting. One of the key things I think of when working with a model is she/he comfortable. The old space was dark, cold, infested with spiders and mosquitoes. Not to mention no matter how hard we tried it looked like a shed in a horror film. So I just gave up trying to do bodypainting there.

With all the construction in that area, the dust levels were starting to effect Imp's health. So it was time to move. 

Our new place has a dedicated studio in the back. It's clean, great lighting, and spacious. Lucky for me just as I was getting my space set up two of my favorite models called up wondering how I was doing. So of corse, we have to paint. It's also very quiet if you don't consider the large amount of birds. 

So expect to see some new artworks soon. 


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