So I started working with my airbrush again. It has been a while but now that we have the studio space I felt it was a good idea to get some practice in. 

One of the big problems with the old studio is that there was not adequate lighting or power in the room. So getting power to the compressor in the first palace was a serious problem. Don't even get me started on the ventilation. 

The new studio has huge bay doors and a back window that give my new space the most amazing cross breeze. 

I invited one of my favorite models over to break in the studio. We did not have any plans of what we were going to paint. I find that its important to always be painting something. Even if the painting is not going to end up being anything important. That is right I'm telling you to doodle more often. So this painting shown here is my equivalent of a body painting doodle. Sometimes it's nice to work on a painting with no deadlines and no goal in mind other that to have some fun and to try to figure out the best mix for the airbrush. I have decided that I need to have more practice with the airbrush. Lucky for me Fel is a very willing canvas. I am very lucky to know her. 


Yoga Body Painting doodle

  Yoga Body Painting With Fel

Woman body painted while doing Yogo Poses

Yoga Body Painting back
Yoga Body Painting

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