Paint My head

So for those how have known me for a very long time. I have always had hair that went down to my waist.  Now, genetics are not on my side my hair started to thin on top. Not enough to say that I was loosing all my hair but enough that the long hair had to go. 5 years later I was still fighting with my hair. IT just always seems like I have to go in for a haircut. And with Job interviews on the horizon, I figured I would give shaving my head a try. 

It was not as bad as I expected, however, it is something that my Daughter and wife do not like so I will be growing it back. In the meantime, I have this very interesting canvas to work paint on. I am having issues applying the paint on my own head as the mirror messes with my brain. I am going to see if I can talk my Daughter into painting something on my head if I can get her to look at me long enough (Did I mention she really does not like me like this) 

Anyone else who would like to try their hand at painting my bald head contact me. 

Pictures to follow. 

Bondi Beach Body Painting

Painting on the Beach 

Now and then I like a good artistic challenge, and lucky for me Imp is up to be my canvas. The idea this time was to do a body painting blending the model into the background. Why not Bondi beach? 

So the first thing to realize when you are painting in a location like this is that people want to give you money. This does not sound like a bad thing till you realize that the local council will fine you heavily for busking in the area.  Knowing this we made sure that we did not have anything that looked like a hat or a bowl to accept donations. And people still tried to give me money. I made sure that we did not accept anything during this shoot.

What was fun about this painting was that the background was always moving. The idea was to make sure that Imp stayed very still during the painting. We were lucky to have some railing for her to hold on to. Holding any position for an hour can be very taxing on the body. The other thing to consider when doing a painting like this is that you have to paint it from the perspective of where the camera is going to be. Not from the position of the painter. Being that the camera was going to be about two meters behind me I had to make sure that the crowd that was starting to form did not block the area where I was going to take the final picture. 

I have to admit that I am very happy with the end result. 

Bondi Beach body painting
Bondi Beach art By Kevin C Mason

Working with a new Camera

Something that I have been working on for years is photography. When I first started I was just a painter and photographers would always complain that my photography sucked and it did. However, the problem with having a photographer work for me had two major problems. The first is that I often do not have the money to pay them. The second and most important is that I have encountered many photographers (Tasia I am not talking about you) Who make the models nervous. I spend a lot of time trying to get the models to trust me and there is nothing worse than to have a photographer drop in and in 30 seconds destroy the vibe of trust that I have been building for weeks. I guess it can be said that I work well with photographers but I am very picky about who my models have to deal with. 

Then there is the whole artistic communication. Sometimes I have something in my head and I just can't put it into words. So I just have to do it myself 

So last year my lovely wife got me a really awesome camera for my birthday. I just Love it. So I have been spending the last few months working on ways to improve my artistic prowess by really focusing on my photography skills. 

Photorgraphy by Kevin C Mason

  • Bodypainting-Stars--4-of-26.jpg
  • DSC01284.jpg
  • Imp-In-flight--Bodypainting.jpg
  • Mounntiansprint-5-of-26.jpg
  • Poseidon-Bodypainting.jpg
  • Posiden--Bodypainting.jpg
  • Prints04-12-of-26.jpg
  • Prints08-15-of-26.jpg
  • z.jpg

Making the Body painting model confortable

It's not about me it's about the model

I have been body painting for a very long time. I have noticed a few things working with some other body painters. Some body painters have a hard time finding models others like myself actually have a problem scheduling the time to do all the painting. (True these are not paid sessions mind you). The key factor is how does the artist make the model feel. I remember a few years back I was at a body painting competition in Rose bay. We had some big name body painters from all across Austraila. 

I remember a few years back I was at a body painting competition in Rose bay. We had some big name body painters from all across Austraila. Unlike most of the events where the body painter was in charge of bringing their own model. The event manager had arranged to have some models show up who had experience with body painting just in case. (Always better to have too many models than not enough).  One of the Body painters was left without a model because the model who was assigned to her had canceled. I later found out that the reason for this was the model had worked with that body painter before and had outright refused to even show up. Her experience with that artist was so bad it was better to not come than have to be her canvas one more time. Because of this, the event manager was trying very hard to find someone for this artist to paint. The problem was that word gets around. I wish this was the only case. 

Things to consider when body painting 

  1. The models comfort is your primary concern. 
  2. Is it too hot or too cold
  3. Is there someone in the room who may make the model fee uncomfortable (You know ... THAT GUY) 
  4. Are you giving off the wrong vibes (insert sleazy music here) 
  5. When was the last time you took a break 

These seem like very simple things but it is amazing how often I have seen myself work 4 hours on a body painting and totally forget that the model may want to sit down for a bit. 

  • Make sure the model knows to tell you when they need a break 
  • Ask lots of questions and check in often. "Are you cold?  do you need a break?" 
  • Make it ok for the model to bring a friend to the panting session 

Airbrushing and Yoga

So I started working with my airbrush again. It has been a while but now that we have the studio space I felt it was a good idea to get some practice in. 

One of the big problems with the old studio is that there was not adequate lighting or power in the room. So getting power to the compressor in the first palace was a serious problem. Don't even get me started on the ventilation. 

The new studio has huge bay doors and a back window that give my new space the most amazing cross breeze. 

I invited one of my favorite models over to break in the studio. We did not have any plans of what we were going to paint. I find that its important to always be painting something. Even if the painting is not going to end up being anything important. That is right I'm telling you to doodle more often. So this painting shown here is my equivalent of a body painting doodle. Sometimes it's nice to work on a painting with no deadlines and no goal in mind other that to have some fun and to try to figure out the best mix for the airbrush. I have decided that I need to have more practice with the airbrush. Lucky for me Fel is a very willing canvas. I am very lucky to know her. 


Yoga Body Painting doodle

  Yoga Body Painting With Fel

Woman body painted while doing Yogo Poses

Yoga Body Painting back
Yoga Body Painting

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